How To Automate Leads and Sales

This is a continuation from Kylee’s last blog post What Can I Automate?

How To Automate Leads and Sales

In this post I am going to share with you how to fully automate the 2 things I didn’t cover last time; that is your lead generation and product/service fulfillment so let’s start with the second…

So how do you avoid needing to manually fulfill on a sale, simple don’t provide a service (sorry all you coaches out there who loved what I said in my previous post). Of course that sounds too easy but how you can practically do this (as to be fair some products e.g. physical items require fulfillment as well) is by only ever selling a product and/or service that can be created/delivered once to an infinite number of people and infinite number of times.

In other words you need to think smart e.g. the eBook over the physical book, the online course over the live workshop, the webinar over the seminar etc. Each of these combinations of products/services can be created/delivered once and then run on what is called an evergreen marketing cycle meaning they can be sold to an infinite number of people an infinite number of times without utilising any of your time or finances to do so.

Not only that but each of these can have fully automated marketing, sales and fulfillment funnels that automatically up, down and cross sell each other. We all know the importance of outsourcing any manual task you don’t want to do yourself to free up your time but if you want to free up your finances as well automate as many of these processes as possible as anything you automate means you outsource something on an ongoing basis to a machine which means unlike a person is a once off setup cost instead of an ongoing hourly/monthly rate to use a human’s services.

But before I wrap up I did promise you I would talk about automating your lead generation as well as this is where the outsourcing comes in (sorry speakers out there who love doing your own lead gen but you might find this stuff really cool in addition to what you already love doing) as the only way to fully automate this is to outsource. There are great programs you can use these days to automatically generate high quality, targeted leads for you such as or but while the leads are automated to get those leads into your otherwise fully automated sales, marketing and fulfillment funnels mentioned above someone needs to do the manual step of proving these cold prospects with a carefully crafted email that warms them up so they click the link at the bottom and provide you with their email address to enter the first page of your first funnel.

For my first suggestion of software above (a mere $10-$20 a month) this is a task you must outsource to your VA as they copy and paste your pre-written email personalising it with the recipients name at the top whereas the second can automate this for you as well (but it is more like $400 a month) but for full automation you need to outsource the lead approval to their team so they click the approve button on each prospect generated to cause this automated response to take place.

Well that was one long blog post as I promised you so much in my previous one but hopefully you found it helpful and that I well and truly delivered on what I promised and more.

To your Publishing and Marketing Success,
Kylee Ellis