The Cosmetic Receptionist

In its simplest definition, a Cosmetic Receptionist is a person who answers your calls. Effective communication is an overlooked quality in the business. We look after your clients and convert enquiries into bookings using online booking systems like HealthKit, Cliniko and CorePlus.

What is involved?

Instead of charging per call, we charge a flat rate of $400 per week which gives you a full-time receptionist that takes all your calls and makes appointments on your behalf. We specialise in the cosmetic beauty industry so we know all the ins out and outs. We answer all your calls in your business name and look after your clients from beginning to end.

The Cosmetic Receptionist offers the following services:

  • Taking calls on your behalf using online software Zadarma.
  • Making appointments using online booking software like HealthKit, CorePlus, Cliniko, and Timely.
  • We can look after your social media and use Messenger as a Live Chat.
  • Some other services are updating WordPress websites, creating newsletters using Mailchimp, and designing beautiful Instagram images using Canva.

This is why we don’t charge by call, SMS, and email. We start from a weekly flat rate of $400 which covers up to 100 calls a week. If we find after a month you consistently go over the 100 calls per week we would discuss an alternative plan.

  • The Cosmetic Receptionist
  • The Cosmetic Receptionist
  • The Cosmetic Receptionist
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